Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout ABVL01

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1/2in (13mm) to 2in (51mm) valves

Color: RED

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Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout ABVL01

a) Made from durable ABS, highly resistant of cracking and abrasion and supports extreme weather temperature condition, from -20°C to 90 °C.

b) The two halves of the lockout encompass the ball valve handle to secure if from inadvertent activation of the valve handle.

c) Suggested be equipped together with padlocks with max clamping shackle diameter of 8mm.

d) Equiping your employees with proper lockout tools and warning devices can save your staff lives, reduce lost employee time and cut insurance costs.

Color: red
Size:for 1/2in (13mm) to 2in (51mm) valves on both OPEN and CLOSE position.
Usage: suggested to be used together with Lockey steel shackle safety padlocks.
Feature:Durable, Light weight, chemical resistant and performs effectively in extreme weather, all colors supported.

Part No.



Suitable for pipes 0.5” to 2.5” in diameter, OPEN on pipes from 0.5″ to 1.25″


Suitable for pipes 0.5” to 3.15” in diameter, OPEN on pipes from 0.5″ to 2.5″


Suitable for pipes 2” to 8” in diameter


Lockey adjustbale ball valve lockout is easy to use and prevents accidental activation of a closed ball valves.

The adjustable design fits 1/2in (25mm) to 2in (51mm) valves and four locking holes accept all Lockey safety padlocks and normal safety lockout padlocks in the market.

Pls choose the correct valve lockout devices to save your employess’ life and time.

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