Adjustable Flanged Ball Valve Lockout FBVL01

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Lockable size: 1/4 in. to 5 in. diameter

Color: Red

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Adjustable Flanged Ball Valve Lockout FBVL01

a) The Flanged Ball Valve Lockout FBVL01 is Lockey’s patented design. It is made from durable ABS, highly resistant of abrasion and cracking.

b) Understand temperature from -20°C to 90 °C extreme temperature weather.

c) The valve lockout is adjustable, with 7 locking holes to adjust the size, suggested to lock together with 1 padlocks and 1 tags.

d) The max clamping shackle diameter is 8mm.

e) Normal stock: red color. Green, yellow, blue also supported. Other colors can be customized.

f) Feature: Durable, ligth weight, chemical resistant, standrable in extreme weather, OEM service supported.


Each hand hold one half piece of the lockout device, cover them onto the valve handle, fit the two half to perfectly match each other to the right position.

Put one piece of padlock and tag together on the keyhole to lock out.

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