Combination 20 Lock Padlocks Lockout Station LS02

Short Description:

Color: Yellow

Size: 558mm(W)×393mm(H)×65mm(D)

Product Detail

Product Tags

10-20 Lock Lockout Station LS02

a) Made from engineering plastic PC.

b) It’s one piece design, with a cover to lock out. Can accommodate padlocks, hasps, lockout tags etc.

c) There’s a lockable combination padlock hole for locking out to limit access to authorized employees.

Part No. Description
LS01 406mm(W)×315mm(H)×65mm(D)
LS02 558mm(W)×393mm(H)×65mm(D)


The requirements of LOTOTO

LOTO lockout station

Locks and tags can be stored at the Loto Lockout Station board.

The LOTO Lockout Station Board provides centralized management of LOTO locking and tagging information.

The key must not be stored with the lock on the LOTO lockout station board

The latest list of Loto licensees can be posted here

The requirements of LOTOTO

Loto guide/guide

The device clearly defined by LOTO

Provide detailed guidance on the implementation of each step

Use colors and ICONS to identify hazardous energy sources

Use photos to ensure that staff can quickly find the right Loto control points, avoiding wasted time and mistakes

LOTO is associated with a job

An association should be established between LOTO and job permits

Ensure that all individual lock/tag Settings are in place before work begins

Do not release any locks/tags until the job is completed

The requirements of LOTOTO

Testing machine

The inspection of the machine is important to ensure the effectiveness of the locking and the zero energy state of the equipment

Use the device’s start button to verify that the device cannot be started after LOTO is completed.

Note: Sometimes the locking device may fail.

Many enterprises have a simple and practical technique for the management of limited space in the factory area — Lockout/tagout, which further strengthens the limited space management measures and locks up the “trap” of limited space.

What are the dangers of limited space

1. Possible hypoxic environment;

2. Possible presence of flammable gas;

3, there may be toxic and harmful media.

Limited space is the biggest invisible killer of industrial and trade enterprises, easy to be ignored by people, very dangerous! Both operators and rescue workers are unable to feel the danger at the first time and pay enough attention to it in their minds, thus missing the best time for self-rescue. Blind rescue even leads to successive casualties.

Lockout/ Tagout strengthens the management method of limited space, effectively reduces the risk of limited space accidents, and makes limited space operations less capricious.

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