Economy Cable Lockout with Cable CB04

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Cable dia.: 3.8mm.

Color: RED

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Economy Cable Lockout with Cable CB04

a) Lock body: made from ABS, with insulation plastic coated steel cable.

b) Accepts up to 6 padlocks for multiple lockout application.

c) Cable length and color can be customized.

d) Includes high-visibility, re-usable, write-on safety labels. The length of labels can be customized.

Part No. Description
CB04 Cable diameter 3.8mm, length 2 m


Where do you use the Lockout Tagout program
(1) High voltage operations (including operations near high voltage lines);
(2) Operation of live equipment;
(3) All work requiring temporary shutdown of the safety system;
(4) Entering a confined space (including operations in any area where there is a risk of hypoxia);
(5) work that may come into contact with harmful substances;
(6) Hot work (cutting, welding) in non-specified areas;
(7) work at high altitude and in deep pits;
(8) Demolition work;
(9) All excavations include work in the vicinity of underground pipes and underground cables;
(10) operations performed on equipment with radioactive sources.
A complete power source control process consists of four main parts:
1. Document the formulation of company policies and procedures
2. Energy source identification
3. Staff training and creating a safety culture environment
4. Equip employees with the right tools and equipment
Common dangerous energy sources
1. Electrical circuit switch
2. Mechanical fixed moving parts
3. Hydraulic release and discharge pressure
4. Pneumatic blocking gas transmission
5. Chemical drain pipes
6. Heat control temperature to normal temperature
7. Other…
Lockout/tagout6 steps
1. Prepare to shut down → shut down equipment → isolate energy source →Lockout tagout→ release remaining energy → confirm equipment isolation → repair or clean equipment

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