High Quality Insulated Shackle Nylon Lockout Tagout Hasp Lock NH01

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Overall size:43.5×175mm

Usage: pull it up and down


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Nylon Lockout Hasp NH01

a) Made from durable nylon.

b) Non-conductive body, applied to electric power isolation with high requirements on corrosive and explosion-proof places.

c) Allow multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source.

d) Usage: pull it up and down.

Part NO. Description
NH01 Overall size:43.5×175mm,accept up to 6 padlocks.


Lockout Hasps allow you to use one padlock or several padlocks to lock out all types of machines, as well as electrical panels, breaker boxes, and other electrical sources. These Lockout Hasps will not open unless every padlock is removed, when operations may safely resume. All Lockout Hasps comply with OSHA lockout regulations. Padlocks sold separately.

The Plastic Lockout Safety Hasp features spark proof, nylon material with a 2-1/2in (64mm) inside jaw diameter and can accommodate up to six padlocks. Ideal for lockout by multiple workers at each lockout point, the hasp keeps equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are made. Control cannot be turned on until last worker’s padlock is removed from hasp.

OSHA 1910.147(b) Compliance

Capable of being locked out. An energy isolating device is capable of being locked out if it has a hasp or other means of attachment to which, or through which, a lock can be affixed, or it has a locking mechanism built into it. Other energy isolating devices are capable of being locked out, if lockout can be achieved without the need to dismantle, rebuild, or replace the energy isolating device or permanently alter its energy control capability.

Energy isolation step – test

The territorial unit shall test the equipment in the presence of the operator. The test should exclude interlocking devices or other factors that may interfere with effectiveness. If the isolation is confirmed to be ineffective, it is up to the territorial unit to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of operations.

When the operation of the equipment (such as trial run, test, power transmission, etc.) is started temporarily during the work, the testing personnel of the local unit shall confirm and test the energy isolation again before resuming the operation, and fill in the energy isolation list again, and both parties shall confirm and sign.

During the work, if the personnel of the operation unit put forward the requirement of retesting confirmation, the retesting shall be carried out after the confirmation and approval of the project leader of the subordinate unit.

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