Lockey Clamp On Electrical Circuit Breaker Lockout CBL11

Short Description:

For 120-277V breaker lockouts

Handle width≤16.5mm

Easily operated without any tools


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Clamp-On Circuit Breaker Lockout CBL11

a) Made from rugged polypropylene and impact modified nylon.

b) Can be used with lockout cleats in the bottom for hard locking long sliding switches and switches with large angular rolation.

c) Can be easily operated without any tools.

d) Accepts padlock shackles up to 9/32’’ (7.5mm) in diameter.

Part No. Description
CBL11 For 120-277V breaker lockouts,handle width≤16.5mm


Circuit breaker safety lockout introduction:

The circuit breaker can be used to distribute power and manage the power supply of the factory. The circuit breaker shall be locked when the equipment in the factory is in normal operation to prevent the circuit breaker from being closed and obstructing the normal production activities. When the equipment and lines need to be repaired in the factory, the circuit breaker shall also be locked to protect the life of maintenance personnel.


Breaker lockout: multifunctional circuit breaker lockout can work in all kinds of circuit breaker, include monopole and multipole circuit breaker internal migration

Easy-to-use locking device: easy to install, only need to tighten the lock switch breaker tongue, on the thumb screw and lock, in order to prevent the clamp is loose

Electric lock: innovation design can easily tighten, effortlessly screw down the screws

equipment locking tabs: clip type circuit breaker lockout to allow 9/32 inch (2.9 centimeters) in diameter lock, with locking tabs

120/277V Clamp-On Breaker Lockouts made of rugged polypropylene and impact modified nylon and in red color. Clamp-on breaker lockouts are easy to install,no screwdrivers needed! Simply tighten lockout securely onto switch tongue, pull cover over thumbscrew and lock cover to prevent clamp from being loosened. Accepts lock shackles up to 9/32″ in diameter. Cleats are included for use with breakers with long, sliding switch throws.

Selection and configuration of Lockout Tagout device

A specific set of tools is required to mount the padlock. These tools include keys, locks, multiple “locking devices”, tags, and shall be qualified products from an official manufacturer provided by a qualified supplier of the Company. Loco has met all company requirements and product quality requirements.

The purpose of the Lockout tagout is to provide energy isolation guidance during repair and maintenance to prevent misoperation of the machine by others.

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