Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Lockout CBL01-2

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Max clamping :10mm

No tools are required for installation


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Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Lockout CBL01-2

a) Made from engineering plastic strengthened nylon PA.

b) Lock out different types of circuit breakers.

c) Fits on breaker toggles and can be tightened using screw driver.

Part NO. Description
CBL01-1 Size:45mm×25mm×10mm,max clamping 10mm,using screw driver
CBL01-2 Size:45mm×25mm×10mm,max clamping 10mm,without tools


The utility model relates to a circuit breaker safety lock device, in which a padlock fastener is arranged at the corresponding position of the face cover of the mounting case and the breaker opening button, and a padlock is arranged to lock the circuit breaker button through the fastener and the padlock. The utility model can effectively avoid serious personal casualties or major accidents of electrical line equipment, eliminate the hidden danger of safety and improve the safety of electricity use.

Power outage, tagout, tripartite confirmation

Before the maintenance, the maintenance of the power supply to confirm, multiple equipment common power supply, in the case of not affecting other equipment, you can carry out power off operation. If it interferes with some equipment, it can be temporarily disconnected after taking safety measures to carry out wire picking operation. If the power is controlled by a single device, the power can be cut off directly. No matter what kind of power supply must comply with: first disconnect the branch power supply, then disconnect the trunk power supply. Break the air circuit breaker first, then the disconnecting switch. After the completion of power outage operation, the sign prohibiting closing shall be hung in the operable part. The sign shall indicate the team, maintenance person, maintenance time content and contact information, and the safety officer shall be responsible for supervision.

Would it be all right to leave the lock/hang out

No way!

First of all, national, industry and enterprise standards have clear provisions on dangerous energy isolation and Lockout tagout:

Mechanical Safety Hazardous Energy Control Method Lockout Tagout

The standard specifies requirements for dangerous energy control that may cause injury to persons; Protection steps, techniques, designs, methods and performance indicators for controlling accidental release of hazardous energy to prevent injury to personnel. It is suitable for the design, manufacture, installation, construction, repair, adjustment, inspection, dredging, setting, trouble finding, testing, cleaning, disassembly, maintenance and maintenance of the machine in its whole life cycle.

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