Introduction of Safety Padlock

A safety lock is a type of safety lock, and safety locks are usually divided into safety locks. Electrical switch locks, electrical equipment power plug locks, isolation switch locks, valve locks, cable locks, etc. are usually used together with other safety locks. Safety locks can be used independently, but other safety locks cannot be used, so safety locks are very useful. Generally, the market demand is also very large.
The safety padlock has the function of management method, because the function and management authority are different, so the keys are divided into various types:
1. Non-moving key series products: each safety padlock has a unique key, and the lock and the lock cannot be opened each other;
2. Open key series products: formulate all safety locks and safety locks in the group, all one or more keys can open all the locks in the group. Multiple can be specified, and the middle of the group cannot be opened to each other;
3. Non-universal key series products: Each safety lock in a specific working group operates a unique key. Safety locks and safety locks cannot be opened to each other, but there is a universal key that can open all safety locks in the workgroup; multiple can be customized. Universal keys between workgroups cannot open each other, but can open all the locks in the workgroup with specific higher-level other master keys;
4. Open the universal key series products: After multiple open key series products in the same group, if a specific senior person in charge must open all the groups, the universal key can be used.
The shape of the safety padlock is similar to that of the general civilian padlock, but the safety padlock is different from the general civilian padlock in many ways:
1. Safety padlocks are generally made of ABS rubber, while civilian padlocks are generally made of metal;
2. The scope of application of safety padlocks is to warn but not to have anti-theft effect, and the scope of application of general civilian padlocks is anti-theft;
3. The lock beam of the safety padlock cannot be automatically ejected, and has the function of leaving a spoon, while the general civilian padlock is just the opposite;
4. General civilian padlocks are generally one lock with one key, while safety padlocks can generally be equipped with multiple keys, which are divided into management method locks and general locks;
5. Safety padlocks are usually exposed to the acid and alkaline natural environment and must be dealt with specially, while general civilian padlocks are usually not used.

Post time: Apr-27-2022