Lock life for security Lockout tag

When you are in the process of checking your equipment, imagine that your security guardian has to walk away, or your colleague unwittingly turns on the power, presses the start switch, and the device is turned on, and then…… Some people say that Lockout tagout is a stupid method. In the past, it took a few minutes to repair the equipment, but now it takes several times more time just to issue invoices. Bloody accident cases, repeated all the time! Lockout tagout is not about making things harder, it’s about adding a safety net. The danger encountered in the maintenance of equipment is like a tiger, and the lock tag is like a cage, we must close the cage, do a good job of Lockout tagout, and put an end to the “tiger wounding”.

Lockout tagout, is the best isolation measure for all kinds of energy, through a lock will be connected to our safety work, interlocking, without the guardian, operator, approval of the joint confirmation, no one can operate the valve, this is also the best security for our three personnel, Seriously do a good job of Lockout tagout work, so that the safety of all of us get better guarantee.

Post time: Mar-26-2022