Lock out tag out-Key points of energy isolation

Accident Case 1
When the contractor’s employee was dismantling the pipe downstream of the fire hose manifold 1 ball valve (there is still pressure upstream of the ball valve), the ball valve body was accidentally disassembled. The steel ball inside the valve body was rushed out by the fire water and hit the employee in the face. Fortunately, the employee was wearing safety glasses at the time and did not cause too serious injury.
What was the main cause of the accident?

Accident Case 2
When the contractor’s employee was taking lubricating oil samples from an air compressor in standby state, the pressure of the compressed air system dropped due to the heavy use of drilling water in the platform pile leg on the drilling floor, and the air compressor suddenly started, causing pressure in the lubricating oil system, and the employee’s hand was scalded by the spilled high temperature lubricating oil.
What was the main cause of the accident?

Key points of energy isolation
Be able to identify which operations require energy isolation:
Work permit must be applied for all non-routine work;
The issuer of the operation permit and the executor have fully communicated with each other about the proposed operation;
The license issuer and isolation executor are familiar with the equipment and process of the facility.

Key points of energy isolation 2
The method and object of energy isolation are accurate:
Isolation is carried out only by specially trained, passed examinations, and authorized “isolators”;
After the quarantine is complete, verify the quarantined object to ensure that the quarantine is correct;

Post time: Feb-07-2022