Lockout/ Tagout is not removed

Lockout/ Tagout is not removed
If the authorized person is not present and the lock and warning sign must be removed, the lock and warning sign can only be removed by another authorized person using Lockout/ Tagout fetching table and the following procedure:

1. It is the responsibility of employees to remove their own safety locks and tags when the work is completed or when the department head confirms that the work has been completed.

2.. When employees leave and remember that they left security locks and security plates on site, it is their responsibility to call and report the details to the supervisor of the relevant department, or report to the security guard so that the security guard can notify the relevant supervisor.

3. If safety plates and locks are left on the site but not removed, only the site supervisor of the authorized employee department can remove them with the consent of the supervisor of the affected department.

4. In the case of point 3 above, steps must be taken to ensure that no other employees are exposed to Lockout/ Tagout devices or systems in the absence of authorized employees and that all affected employees are notified. An authorized employee must be contacted by phone.

5. If the authorized employee cannot be contacted, he/she must be notified upon his/her return to work that his/her security badge and security lock have been removed in his/her absence.

6. Temporary operation, repair, adjustment and maintenance procedures during operation
When equipment under maintenance must be run or temporarily adjusted, authorized personnel may temporarily remove safety plates and locks if detailed precautions have been taken. Equipment can only operate if all locks are removed and all personnel working on the equipment are aware of the work to be done. When this temporary work is completed, the authorized employee will re-lockout /tagout according to the procedure.

Post time: Feb-19-2022