Safety production -LOTO

On September 2, Qianjiang Cement company organized the “safety first, life first” safety education and training, the company’s director Wang Mingcheng, the head of each department, technical personnel and front-line employees, contractors and a total of more than 90 people attend the meeting.

“It was found that the Lockout tagout procedure was not implemented during operation, and the platform mouth lacked safety zipper”. At the meeting, Mr. Wang made a detailed interpretation of the accident process and causes based on the company’s two recent employee accidents, invited the parties to reflect on the lessons brought by the accident, and made all the cadres and employees “take warning”. The moment sober understanding of the premise of safe production is compliance.

He stressed that the cement work area, mining area, the bituminous concrete technology group production of the three departments must strengthen the daily patrol, inspection on key regional security facilities, to carry out the risk control measures, strengthen the safety education and training employees, improve employee safety awareness and requires that all homework before, must to comprehensive security risks, to ensure that the security measures in place in time.

Every department, every post, every employee to varying degrees, directly or indirectly affect the safety in production, production safety, everyone is leading role, no bystanders, leading cadres at all levels to mobilize enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, formed “all care about the safety in production, all to enhance the quality safety, everyone completes the safety in production situation, To improve the safety production management level of Qianjiang Cement company as a whole.

Post time: Jul-26-2021