The shift’s Lockout tagout

The shift’s Lockout tagout

If the work is not completed, the shift should be: face to face handover, confirm the safety of the next shift.

Consequence of not executing Lockout tagout

Failure to enforce the LOTO will result in disciplinary action by the company, the most serious being contact with the employment contract

The Lock/Tag (LOTO) program is one of the most cited OSHA violations each year, despite preventing an estimated 120 deaths and 50,000 injuries per year, according to EHS Today. In 2019, the LOTO standard ranked fourth in OSHA’s top 10 violations.

In order to implement an effective LOTO program in the equipment workshop, the employer must ensure that workers understand the program and check regularly to strengthen the program.

According to the online specification, the following list provides students with detailed information about the LOTO process:

The organization shall also conduct periodic audits/inspections. These inspections will help companies maintain established procedures to minimize risk while maintaining compliance and protecting investments in safety programs.

Post time: Mar-15-2022