Application of Lockout/ Tagout in production jobs

1, the production process should be normally open or normally closed valve should be hung “normally open”, “normally closed” brand; 2, in the inspection and maintenance operation or normal production process, the pipeline due to the process needs to plug the blind plate should be hung “blind blocking” card; 3, inspection and maintenance operations to power or cut off the power supply, should be hung “someone working, do not close” card; 4. Lock the valves or parts of the following key pipelines: 1) Electric energy: current or voltage, etc.; 2) Kinetic energy: running equipment, etc.; 3) Potential energy: steam (any pressure), compressed gas (above 0.1mpa), vacuum, pressurized liquid (above 0.1mpa), hanging basket, etc. 4) Chemical energy: dangerous chemicals, etc.; 5) Thermal energy: steam, hot water, ice water, cold water system, etc. 5, Lockout tagout follow the principle is: can lock not separate tag, lock certain tagout.202201151613518495001e9b164f22a8499885204de10b

Post time: Jan-22-2022