Guidelines for harmful energy isolation are recommended

Guidelines for harmful energy isolation are recommended
Kinetic energy (energy of moving objects or objects) – material vanes in flywheel high slots or tank supply lines
1. Stop all moving parts.
2. Jam all moving parts to prevent movement (e.g. flywheel, shovel, or empty line of high altitude storage).
3. Review to ensure that all mechanical motion loops have been stopped or stuck.
4. Lockout and tagout all the choke points.

Potential energy (the reserve energy that a body may potentially release) balances the load or object raised by a heavy spring (such as a loaded spring)
1. Lower all raised or suspended components or loads to their resting position (lowest position).
2. Jam all objects that can’t be lowered into a holding position and objects that may be moving due to heavy objects.
3. Release the energy stored in the spring. If the energy cannot be released, jam the spring.
4. If possible, Lockout tagout for all of the above items.

Pressurized liquid or gas (including chemical steam, gas, etc.) storage tank mixing tank supply line
1. Close all supply lines
2. Lockout tagout on all valves.
3. Discharge the liquid or gas from the pipe.
4. Empty the line and Lockout the empty tag if necessary.

Post time: Mar-07-2022