The difference between safety padlock and ordinary padlock

The shape of the safety padlock is similar to that of ordinary civilian padlocks, but it is very different from ordinary civilian padlocks. Safety padlocks are generally made of ABS engineering plastics. The scope of application is warning, but it does not have the effect of anti-theft alarm. The lock beam cannot be opened automatically. It has the function of key preservation and can be configured with multiple keys. It is divided into management method locks and ordinary locks; general padlocks are generally made of metal materials and are mainly used in anti-theft systems. The lock beam of the civil padlock cannot be opened automatically and does not have the function of key preservation. General civilian padlocks are generally equipped with keys. General padlocks are usually exposed to strong acids and alkalis in nature without special treatment. There are a few things that require special attention when applying a safety padlock. The lock cannot be exposed to precipitation for a long time. Precipitation contains phosphates and nitrates, which will erode the lock; generally, the lock cylinder should be kept clean all the time, and dirt should not enter the anti-theft lock cylinder, causing it to be unable to be opened or even unable to open; add grease to the anti-theft lock cylinder on time, Scale graphite or signature pen powder to help reduce the oxide layer left due to long application time; pay attention to the thermal deformation and shrinkage caused by the temperature such as wet and cold spring and dry winter to ensure that the gap between the lock cylinder and the key is effective and harmonious. Ensure that the lock is successfully applied and increase the lock life. Safety padlocks usually require a plating process, painting or coloring before leaving the factory. This process is beneficial to the lock itself, because after this series of processing, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the lock, which can prevent corrosion and air oxidation. When purchasing safety padlocks, it should be noted that shoddy locks are generally made of hollow and shoddy materials, which are not only light in weight, but also have poor tactility in use. mro purchases industrial products and provides you with high-quality and efficient one-stop procurement service projects for industrial products.

Post time: Aug-04-2022