Metal Management Portable Lockout Box LK03

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Size: 360mm(W)×450mm(H)×163mm(D)

Color: Yellow

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Metal Management Portable Lockout Station LK03

a) Made from surface high temperature spraying plastic treatment steel plate.

b) There are two adjustable separators which can allocate spaces easily.

c) The station is multifunctional for all kinds of lockouts, especially for department usage.

d) Be fixed with screws.

e) Can be customized made non-perspective panel.

Part No. Description
LK03 360mm(W)×450mm(H)×155mm(D)
LK03-2 480mm(W)×600mm(H)×180mm(D)


Lockout Station

The lockout workstation is divided into integrated advanced security lockout station, modular advanced lockout station, metal lock rack, portable lock rack, portable common lockout box, lock management station, key management station, etc

Key storage device designed for locking of large equipment

Each lock point on a device is secured by a single lock. Put all the keys together in the lockout box, and then each authorized worker locks his own padlock on the box

When the work was done, the workers took their padlocks away from the lockers, and the keys inside the lockers were taken. Only when the last worker removes his lock can the keys inside be retrieved.

There are lock warning signs in Chinese and English

Loto Lock Station Key Management Rules


Standardize the access rights and procedures of the Loto Lock Station keys.

Scope of application

The term regulation applies to all operations involving switches at the Loto Locking Station.

The program

The key of the lock station shall be kept by the designated person in each area, and the key shall be lent to others for use.

The key cannot be kept or configured by a person other than the Schedule.

Do not transfer the key

If you need to take the key for handover operation, you should contact the key keeper in the area to open the lock station. The lock bin required for receiving the key should fill in the “LOTO Lock Receiving Record”. After using it, you should inform the key keeper to open the lock station and fill in the remaining information of “LOTO Lock Receiving Record” again.

The key keeper verifies that the type and quantity of the planned locks are accurate and that the locks are not damaged.

If the key is lost, report to the area supervisor in time, get the spare key and record.

In case that the custodian cannot be found, the custodian shall get the spare key from the designated reserve key custodian and fill in the “Receiving Record of the Spare Key”.

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