76mm Long Steel Shackle Safety Padlock P76S

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76mm Long Steel Shackle Safety Padlock P76S

a) Reinforced nylon body, withstand temperature from -20℃ to +80℃. The steel shackle is chrome plated; the non-conductive shackle is made from nylon, withstand temperature from -20℃ to +120℃, ensuring the strength and deformation fracture not easily.

b) Key Retaining Feature: When the shackle is open, the key can’t be removed, for safety purpose.

c) Customized numbering and logo on body and key, will keep in stock for repeating orders.

d) All colors available: Red, yellow, green, blue, purple, grown, white, black, dark blue, grey, etc.

Padlock Key system:

Keyed Differ: One lock, one employee, one key, Each lock is opened by its own unique key which does not open any other lock in the set

Key Alike: All padlocks in the set are opened by the same key so only one key is necessary to open numerous padlocks – for employees who need many locks, they still only have one key

Master Keyed:A master key opens all locks within the system while each lock also has its own unique key – allows for responsible removal of improperly placed or forgotten lockouts according to your emergency notification policy

Grand Master Keyed: A grand master key opens all the locks between different master keyed groups. Higher level than Master keyed group.

Part No.


Shackle Material



Keyed Alike


“KA”: Each padlock is keyed the same in one group

“P”: Straight edge plastic lock body

“S”: Steel shackle

Other material can be customized:

“SS”: Stainless steel shackle

“BS”: Brass shackle


Keyed Differ


Keyed & Alike/Differ


Grand Master Key


Keyed Alike



Keyed Differ


Keyed & Alike/Differ


Grand Master Key

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